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Bene Gesserit

Sisterhood of the Bene GesseritThe Bene Gesserit (the name being a likely derivative of the Latin phrase "quamdium se bene gesserit", meaning "as long as he/she shall have behaved well") were an ancient sisterhood of women, all skilled in many mental and biological tricks and manipulative techniques, acquired through training, exercises, life and physical disciplines and use of the Spice Melange. The Bene Gesserit's prime area of study was politics, how to shape politics and how to manipulate opinion. Their over arching goal was the "maturity of humanity". In this sense the Bene Gesserit has taken it upon itself the maternal role of upbringing applied to the entire human race.

Kaldo Radij

Kaldo Radij
A non-canon character from the Dune card game, Kaldo Radij was a mysterious smuggler from the planet Arrakis. This image of him, as drawn by Mark Zug, depicts the man in his desert element, clothed in a stillsuit, and with a crysknife and staff. The moons of Arrakis are visible in the background.



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Produced by the monopedic Cholisters on Buzzel, the Soostone was a valuable mineralised gemstone, prized for its prestigious milky beauty. Often used in jewelery, the Soostone was the primary trade resource of the Phibians, who would use them to barter for the Spice Melange..

House Atreides

House Harkonnen

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The Ordos are mercenary. They care for nothing, save power and wealth.
-Emperor: Battle for Dune
  • That CHOAM bears great similarity between OPEC, a real-life cartel of petroleum exporting countries?
  • That Irulan Corrino is said to have written at least twenty three historical volumes?
  • That Baron Vladimir Harkonnen was portrayed by Kenneth McMillan in David Lynch's 1984 Dune film, and that complex wiring was needed to give him the appearance of anti-gravity?

House Corrino

House Ordos

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