Name: Caladan
Planet type: One (breathable atmosphere)
Surface type: Islands and seas.
Prominent features: Rain storms, moisture ridden islands and land masses.
Settlements and Cities: Home of House Atreides.
Satellites: Unknown
Orbits: Delta Pavonis
Inhabitants: Humans

"Planet Caladan, home of House Atreides."
-Excerpt from Spacing Guild Messege

Planetological Information

Caladan seas
Reclining in Caladan seas.
The third planet from Delta Pavonis, Caladan was the water abundant homeworld of House Atreides. Its surface mass, like that of Earth, was mostly sea, with islands and land masses being prominently covered in forest, marshland and swamp. Because of its wetlands, the chief export of the planet is pundi rice, a delectable, mutant rice that could become up to four centimetres in length. It also exported livestock and wines from the Caladan vineyards.
Fish and meat were the primary food source on the planet, with most inhabitants of the lower classes using fishing as a method of survival, business and sustenance.
The entire planet was ravaged often by powerful rain storms. This did little to structures or buildings, but could be deadly to those at sea.

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