Name: Chani
AKA: Sihaya (to Paul Atreides only)
Lifespan: ???? - 10,207 A.G.
Homeworld: Arrakis

"I am Chani, Daughter of Liet. I would not have permitted you to harm my tribe."

Biographical Information

The beautiful Fremen daughter of Liet-Kynes, Chani was the beloved wife of the Emperor Paul Atreides. She was born on Arrakis, and lived alongside her paternal carer, Stilgar, in Sietch Tabr. She bore two children to Paul, Leto and Ghanima, but died in childbirth, something that Paul had grievously foreseen.


Early Life

Chani was the daughter of Liet-Kynes, second planetologist of Arrakis. She was however, due
Chani, Daughter of Liet, Second Planetologist of Arrakis.
to her father's constant scientific work, and his untimely demise, nurtured by Stilgar, who was a great paternal figure to her. Paul Atreides, long before he ever met her, had seen images of her in his dreams. When he did meet her, it was in the deep desert, on a rock outcropping which he and his mother had taken refuge in. After an initial conflict, Stilgar made peace with the two, andinvited them to join the tribe, in return for which they would teach them the wierding way that they knew.

The Wife of Paul

After years of Paul and Jessica living in Sietch Tabr, Paul and Chani fell in love. After Paul conquered the Emperor and declared himself Padishah Emperor, this love was till strong. Chani, however, could never be Paul's legal wife, as he was married to Princess Irulan Corrino, whose title ensure Paul his rule. Chani was therefore his wife in all but name. In the years that followed, after a brutal assassination attempt against Paul that left him blind, Chani bore him two children. Unfortunately, she died in childbirth. This left Paul greatly aggrieved, and was a leading factor in his decision to exile himself into the desert.

Out of-Universe Information

Chani was portrayed by American Actress Sean Young in David Lynch's Dune film adaptation, and by Czech actress Barbora Kodetová in both the Dune miniseries and its sequel, Children of Dune.

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