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Did You Know? is a section in the Home Page that gives little insightful tidbits of information that you might not already know. The Did You Know? section is changed occasionally, or simply added to. If you have any insightful or interesting pieces of information, put them on the comments section of this page, and they will be considered for the Did You Know? section. Old Did You Knows are also stored here, so make contribution and suggestions if you can, so that, eventually, a library of Did You Knows can be constructed.

Did You Know

  • That Shai-Hulud (Fremen Term For the Sandworm) meant "Old Man of the Desert"?
  • That Vladimir Harkonnen wass not naturaly obese, but was infected with a disease implanted into his body by Gaius Helen Mohiam?
  • That the Lady Jessica was suspected of being lover to Gurney Halleck at one point?
  • That Shaddam Corrino IV murdered both his father and his brother in order to secure himself the imperial throne?
  • That the Thinking Machines were ruled by a super-computer known as Omnius?
  • That The Battle of Corrin was in 108 B.G?
  • That Salvador Dali was originally selected to portray Shaddam Corrino IV in Alejandro Joderosky's version of the Dune film?
  • That the Dune CCG (Collectible Card Game) was published by a company called Five Rings?
  • That Jessica's mother, Gaius Helen Mohiam, once used the alias Tanidia Nerus?
  • That Dune was written in 1965?
  • That Paul Atreides middle name Orestes?
  • That the sandworms of Arrakis originally arrived on the planet as sandtrout?
  • That Padishah (پادشاه) means king of kings in Persian?
  • That Frank Herbert, distinguished author of the Dune Series, was born on the 8th of October, 1920 and died on the 11th Feburary, 1986?
  • That the Bene Gesserit homeworld was Wallach IX.
  • That the final words in David Lynch's Dune were; "For he is the Kwisatz Haderach", and that they were spoken by Alia Atreides?
  • That the main export of Caladan was Pundi Rice?
  • That Gurney Halleck was a renowned player of the Baliset?
  • That the Bene Tlielax used their Axolotl Tanks to reanimate dead flesh?
  • That a parody novel, "Doon", was written by the National Lampoon, an American humour magazine?
  • That Patrick Stewart, the actor that portrayed Gurney Halleck in David Lynch's Dune, also portrayed Captain Jen-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation?
  • That Duncan Idaho is the only character to appear in all six of Frank Herbert's original Dune novels?
  • That there were 301 cards in the original set of Dune CCG Trading Cards?
  • That the image of Maud'Dib (the desert mouse kangaroo), could be seen on one of Arrakis' two moons?
  • That CHOAM bears great similarity betweenOPEC, a real-life cartel of petroleum exporting countries?
  • That Irulan Corrino is said to have written at least twenty three historical volumes?
  • That Baron Vladimir Harkonnen was portrayed by Kenneth McMillan in David Lynch's 1984 Dune film, and that complex wiring was needed to give him the appearance of anti-gravity?

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