Dune Universe

Dune Universe
Name: Dune Universe (Duniverse)
Place type: Universe
Purpose: Setting for all of Dune History.
Inhabitants: Trillions of beings of millions of billions of varyings species.
Affiliation: Home to all Houses Factions and organisations.
  • III Delta Kaising
  • Arrakis
  • Bela Tegeuse
  • Buzzell
  • Caladan
  • Chapterhouse
  • Chusuk
  • Corrin
  • Ecaz
  • Gamont
  • Giedi Prime
  • Ginaz
  • Grumman
  • Hagal
  • Harmonthep
  • Ix
  • Junction
  • Kaitain
  • Kolhar
  • Lampadas
  • Lankiveil
  • Parmentier
  • Poritrin
  • Richese
  • Rossak
  • Salusa Secundus
  • Sikun
  • Tleilax
  • Tupile
  • Wallach IX
  • Zanovar
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Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.

Universe Overview

The Dune Universe, also referred to as the Duniverse, was the setting for all the events in Dune history. It was one and the same as our universe (though we saw it through the eyes of people many thousands of years from now), and was a matter-populated spatial void containing many spherical planets, aswell as other orbital and stationary objects such as moons, stars and asteroids. Life, including our own human race, had survived until this time. Many things had changed however, as technology, and therefore the way the universe was viewed, had greatly advanced.

The Duniverse's Superpowers

In the Duniverse, interstellar travelwas possible with the use of Space Ships, some of which were powered by Guild Navigators, Spice mutated humans who served an enormous monopolising company known as the Spacing Guild. The Guild's influence, which allowed it to accept or deny the passage of a person through space, was so great, that time itself was measured by them, in the form of B.G. (Before the Guild) and A.G (After the Guild).
But the Guild was not the only super power in the Universe, as two others existed, The Imperium, and the Landsraad.
The Imperium was in control of most of the Universe, as it ruled over a feudal system of family houses minor and family houses major. With this in mind, the ruler of the Imperium, known as the Padishah Emperor, was the most powerful person in the Known Universe, even more powerful than the Guild.
The Landsraad, the third great superpower in the universe, once ruled around 13,000 planets in the Duniverse, but eventually diminished in the face of the growing Imperium. During the Imperium's rule, the Landsraad consisted of all houses major and minor, forming a separate entity, that, while ruled over by the Imperium, was a force that could easily rival it, and kept its powers in check.
A possible fourth superpower also existed, known as the Bene Gesserit sisterhood, a sacred order that was involved in most of the galaxy's events. They could not, however, be
The planet Arrakis, also known as Dune.
considered one of the the three great superpowers, as they remained introvert, using clandestine manipulation to ensure the continuity of their sisterhood.

The Spice Melange and It's Impact on the Duniverse

One of the principal "power keys" in the Duniverse was the spice melange, a sandworm produced narcotic found only on the desert planet of Arrakis. The spice was vital, in some way, to every superpower in the universe. The Bene Gesserit required it to expand their consciousnesses and perform other ritualistic ceremonies, the Spacing Guild needed it to create Guild Navigators that could navigator bent space, the Imperium and the Landsraad needed it to ensure profit and sustainability in their empire. Even the lesser nobles and some of the peasantry needed the spice, to prevent death by addictive withdrawal. This meant that, as the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen put so rightly "He who controls the spice, controls the universe!" The spice was first discovered accidentally, as Arrakis had originally been used as a botanical testing planet. Study of the environment meant the discovery of the spice, and soon the whole universe was reliant on the substance. However, the spice was extremely difficult to obtain, for the desert in which it was found were home to giant sandworms. These worms guarded their territory ferociously, and would devour spice mining equipment on the surface. The idea that an energy shield could be used to stop them doing this was also madness, as they were attracted to a shield's presence and would crush it no matter.


The Duniverse had vastly superior technology to that of our own time. At one point, they had perfected the concept of Artificial Intelligence, and created the Thinking Machines. After these machines fought back against their masters and were destroyed, they were never constructed again. This was a lost technology, however, space travel was not. Space travel in the Duniverse had become so easy that a Guild Navigator could
Harkonnen Drop Ship
A Harkonnen Dropship, one possible design for an interstellar craft.
move an entire Space Ship, with thousands aboard, to another place altogether in the blink of an eye, using the spice to navigate bent space.
Of course, there were also numerous methods of spice harvesting, using harvesters, huge mobile factories with straw-like protrusions that sucked spice out of the sand. When a worm was sighted, these harvesters would have to
be lifted to safety by a Carry-All, a low flying transport that could lift the entire factory. Various other ingenious creations existed, such as the Glowglobe, and numerous Fremen designed items could be found as well, such as the stillsuit, the Maker Hook and the Thumper. It was with devices such as these, that the Fremen, the natives of Arrakis, were able to survive, and live in relative unison with the worms.

The Dune Timeline

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Study of the Dune Universe has revealed that it's history can be divided into six time periods, differentiated between because of major changes to social, political and technological ideologies.

The Butlerian Jihad

During this time, the earliest of the Dune ages, a great war was waged against the Thinking Machines. Eventually, the humans were victorious, and eliminated all thinking machines from the universe. Henceforth, a major taboo was placed against the construction of such machines. Instead, the Mentats were formed, a class of human-computers.

The Corrino Lead Imperium

The next several thousand years see the creation of a vast human-ruled interstellar empire, ruled by the Imperial House Corrino, as part of the feudal system that has also developed. The Landsraad and the Spacing Guild also seize some of the power, and share it among the Imperium. This is perhaps the most stable time in the history of the Dune Univesrse.

Ascension of the Atreides

The Corrino ruled over this vast empire for many thousands of years, until, in 10,193 A.G., the current Padishah Emperor, Shaddam Corrino IV, was overthrow by Paul Atreides, who seized command of the Imperium and declared himself Emperor. The Imperium was now under Atreides control. Leto Atreides II, Paul's son, takes over from his father, and sets the Universe on the Golden Path, becoming the benevolent tyrant of the universe. Leto prevents most space travel and keeps humanity under lock and key. The God Emperor, as he is known, is eventually assassinated and this causes The Scattering, an event in which the entire empire is thrown into pandemonium and disarray and the system breaks down.

The Return From The Scattering

Years pass after the Scattering, over the course of which humanity has reveled in its new freedom and expanded, under controlled, into the universe. The Old Empire is currently, like before, under the command of several powerful factions; with power devided between the Ixians, the Bene Tleilax and the Bene Gesserit. The Spacing Guild is practically non-existant, as machines have been devised that do not require Guild Navigator assistance.

The Coming of the Honoured Matres

As people who had expanded out into the universe begin to flee from an unknown enemy, The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood encounter an organisation not too unlike their own. The Honoured Matres. The two organisations, despite initial conflict, are forced to join together in order to face the coming enemy.

Mentionable Planets of the Dune Universe

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The Dune Universe was made up of many distinct planets, each with its own history and landscape. Traversing between these planets was simple, and so they each became part of a vast inter connected civilisation.

III Delta Kaising

One of the shigawire cultivating planets, III Delta Kaising and Salusa Secundus are the only planets that grow shigawire.
Arrakis and its two moons.


Later known as Rakis, and known colloquially as Dune, Arrakis was the home of the spice melange, a narcotic drug that served as the lucrative substance of the universe for many years. Arrakis was also the home of numerous conflicts over the spice. It became the Imperial capital after Paul Atreides overthrew Shaddam Corrino IV.

Bela Tegeuse

The third resting place of the Zensunni Wanderers, Bela Teguese was the fifth planet from Kuentsing.


A cold a desolate world, Buzzel was home to the precious soostone, and was used by the Bene Gesserit sisterhood as a punishment planet.


The watery homeworld of House Atreides, Caladan's chief export was the mutated Pundi rice, which grew spectacularly due to the planet's moisture.


Chapterhouse was a planet terraformed into a desert by the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, for the purpose of creating a new Arrakis, where sandworms could live and create spice for the sisterhood's
The Baliset, one of the instrument created on Chusuk.
use. They hid the planet from the Honoured Matres by putting thousands of no-ships (invisible to the eye and to prescience) in orbit around the planet.


A planet prised for the quality of musical instruments, such as the favoured Baliset, that are produced there. It was known as the musical planet, and was the fourth planet in the Theta Shalish Star System. Its inhabitants were believers in the religion of Navachristianity.


Corrin was the homeworld of Omnius, the computer mind in charge of the Thinking Machines, during the Butlerian Jihad. It was also the staging ground for the final battle against the machines, wherein the League of Nobles were ultimately victorious and Viceroy Faykan Butler took the name Corrino, founding House Corrino.


Ecaz was the planet from which numerous narcotic substances were extracted from the plant growths that lived there, such as Sapho Juice, Elacca Drug, Semuta and Verite.
Giedi Prime
The monstrous technological horror of Giedi Prime.


Third planet of the Niushe system, Gamont was renowned for its exotic sexual practices and its hedonistic culture.

Giedi Prime

The home of House Harkonnen, later known as Gammu, Giedi Prime's surface was covered with sprawling city structures, and its air ruined by pollution caused by the mining facilities on the planet.


Center of the Ginaz Swordsman school, Ginaz was a tropical oceanic planet, and the only planet to evade the Thinking Machine's Empire.


The stage for the War of Assassins between Houses Moritani and Ginaz, Grumman was the second planet of Nuishe, House Moritani being its ruling house.


Used as a mining planet during the time of Shaddam Corrino IV, Hagal was referred to as "The Jewel Planet".


The sixth place of refuge for the Zensunni Wanderers, Harmonthep was a destroyed planet once orbiting Delta Pavonis.


Ruled by the House Ix, Ix, the name being given due to the planet's position in space (it was the ninth planet from Alkaurops, the Roman Numeral for nine being IX), was a planet reputed for its use and production of technology tabooed by the Butlerian Jihad.


The planet that served as headquarters for the corrupt Spacing Guild, Junction was no more than a planet dominated with lading fields, docking clamps and Guild buildings.
Planet Kaitain, Home of the Emperor of the Known Universe.


The second home of the Corrino Emperors (the first being Salusa Secundus), Kaitain was a luxurious world that served as the center of the Imperium, as it was where the Emperor was based.


During the Butlerian Jihad, this planet was the first to construct Heighliners.


One of the planet's used by the Bene Gesserit as a schooling establishment, Lampadas was taken by the Honoured Matres.


A Harkonnen ruled planet, Lankiveil was a frozen planet, valued for the whale-fur trade that had been established there. Its natives practised ancient Buddhislamic religion.


The planet colonised by the League of Nobles, but was eventually ravaged by the genetically engineered plague known as the Demon Scourge, which was created by the Thinking Machines in an attempt to wipe out humanity. The ruination of Parmentier was the cause of Rayna Butler's formation of the Cult of Serena.


Believed by the Zensunni Wanderers to be their planet of origin, Poritrin was the third planet from Epsilon Alangue, and once home to Tio Holtzman, creator of the Holtzman Generator and discoverer of the Holtzman Effect.


A planet rivalling Ix, and with technological capabilities equalling it, Richese was home to House Richese, was the fourth planet from Eridani A, and was orbited by an artificial moon, Korona.


A key component in the history of the Bene Gesserit, and the fifth planet of Alces Minor, Rossak was the planet of origin for the "Rossak Drug", which was used by the Bene Gesserit, then known as the Sorceresses of Rossak, before they used the Water of Life. It was also one of the resting places of the Zensunni Wanderers.

Salusa Secundus

Original home of the Corrino Emperors, Salusa Secundus, also incorrectly referred to as Salusa, was ravaged by atomic weapons during the Butlerian Jihad, and so Kaitain was made the new center of the Empire. It was the third planet of Gamma Waiping system, and the second place of refuge of the Zensunni Wanderers.


Part of the 70 Opiuchi system, Sikun was home to the askaro plant.


Center of operations for the Bene Tleilax, Tlielax was the only planet orbiting the star Thalim, and was considered so holy by the Bene Tleilax that most of the planet was off-limits to its inhabitants.


A sanctuary planet used by the renegade houses of the Imperium. Its location was unknown to the Spacing Guild.

Wallach IX

Home of the Bene Gesserit Mother School, Wallach IX was the ninth planet orbiting Laoujin.


A planet practically obliterated by Shaddam Corrino IV after he claimed it was illegally hoarding melange, Zanovar was once a recreational planet, owned by Houselig Taari.

Out of-Universe Information

The Dune Universe was created by the renowned American Science-fiction writer, Frank Herbert. It was to be his greatest work, in essence, a culmination of his writing abilities. The story that he wove, which first appeared in 1965 in the form of the first Dune book, "Dune", earned him a Hugo and Nebula Award for best science-fiction book as well as fame all across the literary world. Dune became one of, if the not the, most widely read, talked about, and cherished masterpieces in science-fiction history.

When I was writing Dune there was no room in my mind for concerns about the book's success or failure. I was concerned only with the writing. Six years of research had preceded the day I sat down to put the story together, and the interweaving of the many plot layers I had planned required a degree of concentration I had never before experienced. It was to be a story exploring the myth of the Messiah. It was to produce another view of a human-occupied planet as an energy machine. It was to penetrate the interlocked workings of politics and economics. It was to be an examination of absolute prediction and its pitfalls. It was to have an awareness drug in it and tell what could happen through dependence on such a substance. Potable water was to be an analog for oil and for water itself, a substance whose supply diminishes each day. It was to be an ecological novel, then, with many overtones, as well as a story about people and their human concerns with human values, and I had to monitor each of these levels at every stage in the book. There wasn't room in my head to think about much else.
-Foreword by Frank Herbert

Its success lead Herbert to write five other Dune novels, the first of which, Dune Messiah, was serialised in a magazine. The series also spawned a film directed by David Lynch, which, though it was poorly recieved by critics, is today a well loved cult classic.
After Herbert's death, his son, Brian Herbert, and science-fiction author Kevin J. Anderson, continued the Dune tradition, and created a series of prequel and sequel novels set in the Dune universe, that have been recieved as well by fans as the original series. In 2000, Dune became a television miniseries, which, along with the 2003 sequel, Children of Dune, became on of the most highly rated television shows on the Sci Fi Channel Network.


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