Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen

Name: Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen
AKA: Feyd
Lifespan: 10,174 A.G. - 10,193 A.G.
Homeworld: Giedi Prime
Affiliation: House Harkonnen
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Can that be the young man the Reverend Mother meant? Is that a bloodline we must preserve?
-Thoughts of the Lady Fenring

Biographical Information

The royal and insanely bloodthirsty heir to House Harkonnen, Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, known as just Feyd, was nephew to Vladimir Harkonnen, the son of Abulurd and Emmi Harkonnen, and the brother of Glossu Rabban Harkonnen. His exploits were violent, his reputation more so, and Feyd came to be known as a devious schemer, who was highly skilled in martial and weapons fighting, something he often proved in his battles in the gladiatorial arena. To ensure his victory, he often cheated, or bent the rules. In one instance, during his final duel with Paul Atreides, he saw that he could not win by skill alone, and so revealed a poison needle, hidden in the seam of his trouser waist, and nearly killed Paul with it. Feyd was a link in the chain of an ancient Bene Gesserit breeding program. It was said, that when he wed with an Atreides woman, the blood-lines would be complete, and the Kwisatz Haderach would be born. The Lady Jessica's defiance of the Bene Gesserit, in which she produced a male heir rather than a female, threw this out of proportion, and ruined the plan. However, Feyd still had the important genes, which needed to be used if another Kwisatz Haderach could be produced.


Spoilers AheadWarning: Spoilers Follow For Dune Universe, Caution Advised!

Born into the heirdom of House Harkonnen, Feyd-Rautha was the younger nephew of Vladimir, the eldest being Rabban. This would have given Rabban the heirdom, were it not for Feyd's uncle's passion for him. To Vladimir, Feyd was the symbol of all the greatness that would come of House Harkonnen, and Feyd knew it. His uncle and he pushed Rabban to the side, using him as a
Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen
Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, Heir to House Harkonnen.
scapegoat and a tactic, while both knowing that the Barondom belonged to Feyd. Feyd continued to show a great interest in the arena, and got the chance to have a real fight at one point, when he listed to the words of the captive mentat, Thufir Hawat. Thufir had told him that he could rig the next arena fight so that, instead of a drugged "slaughtering post" being the opposition, a fully aware and mighty soldier would fight him. The blame for this act would go to the slave driver, who would be executed for attempted treason. Feyd knew this would be an influential fight, as hundreds of the Baron's associates, including the rulers of House Fenring, would be there to witness it. Unbeknown to Feyd, Thufir intended for him to die in the fight, but to cover this up, the slave had had a mental trigger implanted in his mind, so that when Feyd uttered a certain word, "Scum", his opponent would be rendered motionless,On the day of battle, Feyd offered to dedicate his fight to the Lady Fenring, who refused to accept. His uncle was no doubt angered by his nephew's insolence.
The fight was indeed a victory for Feyd, giving him great prestige among the onlookers, and, in the stands, the count and countess Fenring, who was a Bene Gesserit discussed the boys genes, which apparently were needed in the next stage of the breeding program. Margot Fenring seduced Feyd, and then bore his daughter, which saved the genes from being lost in the event of his death. Having failed to kill Feyd in the arena, Thufir then turned the boy against his uncle, but the attempt to kill him failed.
Feyd Rautha in his final Duel.
Feyd comes close to killing Paul.

Final Duel with Paul Atreides

"I will kill him!"

Later, Feyd was at the mercy of Paul Atreides, who had defeated the Emperor, had his unclekilled, and now surrounded the Emperor, Irulan, and many others including Feyd. Before Paul claimed Emperorship for himself, Feyd steped forth, and challenged him to a duel. Though others of his court remarked that this was but a Harkonnen animal and did not deserve this honour, Paul accepted, and Feyd took the blade of the Emperor to fight with. During their fight, Feyd was able to put Paul in a difficult position, as he revealed a poison spike at his waist. As it edged closer to Paul, he was given the choice of uttering a Bene Gesserit wierding word which would incapacitate Feyd, but chose not to, as he would then owe his glorious victory to the Bene Gesserit. Paul instead fought back with increased zeal, and killed Feyd.

Out of-Universe Information

Feyd-Raytha Harkonnen was portrayed by the singer/actor Sting (Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) in the Dune film, and by Matt Keeslar in the Dune miniseries.

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