Name: Fremen
Organisation Type: Nomadic
Center of Operations: Arrakis
Equipment and abilities: Stillsuits, various water saving techniques including catchpockets and reservoirs.
Function: The storage and preservation of water on Arrakis.
Intentions: The eventual terraformation of Arrakis.
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May your knife chip and shatter.
Fremen curse.

Organisational Information

Symbol of the Fremen Tribes.
The native, nomadic tribes of the Fremen, once known as the Zensunni Wanderers, lived on the desert planet Arrakis, after their travels across theuniverse lead them to the place. They were known as the Free Men, travelers, who took their women, children, and religious leaders with them. Exposure to the harsh climate and water deprivation of Arrakis, bred them into mighty warriors, a force to rival even the Emperor's feared Sardaukar. They learned the ways of the desert, able to conserve water, to the point where they could recycle their own sweat, and live in unison with the sandworms, even using them as beasts of burden when in need of fast travel. Their greatest dream, one that they believed could someday become a reality, was to terraform Arrakis.

Vision for Arrakis

Off-worlders had spoken of planets where water fell from the skies, where great lakes and oceans covered the lands, and where plants grew dense andmagnificently tall. This was the vision they had for Arrakis, and in order to make it reality, they conserved water, hiding it in great reservoirs in their desert sietches, and even taking the water from the dead, and keeping track of it as though it were gold dust.

Relationship with Arrakis

Water Preservation

To survive the harsh and barren enviroment that was Arrakis, the Fremen tribes needed to create ways of conserving water, every drop of it. The primary way of doing so was with the use of stillsuits. These full body suits locked in moisture by absorbing sweat and other bodily expenditures through a membrenous layer. This was filtered, made drinkable, and then stored in catchpockets, which were on the suit. These could be drunk from using a tube by the neck of the suit.

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