Gurney Halleck

Gurney Halleck
Name: Gurney Halleck
Lifespan: ????
Homeworld: Giedi Prime
Affiliation: House Atreides

There are four pillars which support the world...the wisdom of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the righteous and the valour of the brave.

Biographical Information

A righteous and noble swordsmaster to House Atreides, Gurney Halleck was once a slave to the Harkonnens, and suffered for some time in their slave pits on Giedi Prime. The extent of his torture remians unknown, but a single Inkvine scar permeated his jawline, giving the impresssion that it must have been quite excruciating. After escaping the slave pits, he became a valiant swordsmaster to House Atreides, as well as a respected musician, his instrument of choice being the baliset. He tutored Paul Atreides, the Ducal heir to House Atreides, in the ways of the world, and trained him in sword combat. He also entertained the Atreides with his exceptional skills with the baliset. He remained loyal to the Atreides even after his Duke's death, though he did have to pose as a spice smuggler for some time, and remained on Caladan when Paul took over the Empire.
Gurney Halleck
Gurney Halleck with a training module.


Gurney Halleck was, for many years of his life, a slave to the Harkonnens. He was kept in the slave pits on Giedi Prime, beaten often, and subjected to a great deal of torture. Eventually, his freedom arrived, and he joined House Atreides, under the rule of Duke Leto Atreides I. For many years he acted as swordsmaster to the Atreides, and trained Paul Atreides.

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