Hasimir Fenring

Hasimir Fenring
Name: Hasimir Fenring
Homeworld: Presumably Kaitain
Affiliation: Bene Gesserit, Imperium

Biographical Information

The childhood companion of Shaddam Corrino IV, Padishah Emperor. Son of a Bene Gesserit servant to the Court. A biological "Dead Alley" of the Bene Gesserit Kwisatz Haderach breeding program, an "almost" Kwisatz Haderach. Genetic Eunuch. Hasimir became quite adept with assassination devices, toxins, unarmed combat and engineering disasters for the purposes of assassination. Directly involved in death of Shaddam's older brother Fafnir, clearing the way for Shaddam to assume the rank of heir apparent. Later Hasimir would inject a catalyst directly into the brain of Padishah Emperor Elrood while he slept, causing acceleration of his aging process and hastening his death. This catalyst (or enzyme) was of a class of chemicals known as "n'kee", meant to be undetectable by poison snoopers, relying instead on changing components of spice beer into a toxin within the Emperor's brain. Hasimir was probably a sociopath. His "practice" of assassination included subjecting innocent bystanders to random attack to "keep his skills fresh". Hasimir also would "test" weapons on innocent bystanders in order to gauge their effectiveness. Hasimir seemed to show no remorse whatsoever for his murders, being only concerned with being detected or embarrassing the Court. This character defect did not deter Margot, a high ranking Bene Gesserit, from marrying Hasimir and accompanying him into exile on Arrakis. Hasimir, in turn, did not strongly object to Margot seducing Harkonnen heir Feyd Rautha in order for him to breed with her on the specific order of the Bene Gesserit. In spite of these apparent compromises as evidence that the two had a marriage of convenience there is some evidence of genuine affection between the couple, based upon their utilitarian view of people and their "pragmatism" and "ability to get results". Hasimir Fenring had several peculiar-isms not normally associated with dangerous persons. His small stature, "large eyes" and verbal fillers which resembled humming, accompanied by his odd facial expressions and refusal to "look someone in the eye while speaking to them" caused many to misjudge his potency and to take him lightly. Under these apparently "weak" surface features lay a well ordered mind coupled with considerable skill and a total lack of empathy for most people. In the words of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, a man who himself was not one with whom to be trifled, "Fenring is a killer with the mannerisms of a rabbit, the most dangerous kind of killer". The association between Shaddam and Fenring was long and quite deep. Both men were ambitious and ruthless, Hasimir more so than his near sibling. Hasimir fancied himself far more perceptive and intelligent than Shaddam and considered himself a power behind the throne. Shaddam was aware of this conceit and resented it. Upon ascension to the Padishah Throne Shaddam would appoint Hasimir as his "Spice Minister" on Arrakis, where he would oversee Harkonnen efforts to produce spice. After locating himself and Margotinto the Spice Minister's residence on Arrakeen Hasimir would improve and build on the residence, in particular creating a wet planet garden for the benefit of his wife. This wet planet garden created some controversy for the local populations, both as a symbol of conspicuous water consumption and later as a future vision of the transformation of Arrakis by teams lead by the Umma Keynes. Hasimir would also oversee a parallel program on IX under the Tleilaxu to produce spice artificially. This program, known as Project Amal, would eventually fail in concert with the downfall of the Tleilaxu occupation of IX. The Tleilaxu would one day create a method of making spice in their Axlotl tanks but not under the auspices of Project Amal. Hasimir performed many "special" tasks for Shaddam, acting as a private messenger, killer and spy. Hasimir would be involved in the rebellion by Paul Atreides to unseat Shaddam IV and then follow the deposed Emperor to his exile on Salusa Secundus. His refusal to fight Paul after the defeat of Feyd Rautha in single combat would enrage Shaddam but would not end their lifetime of friendship. Hasimir refused to fight Paul Atreides because of an intuition that the two men were of a kind. Hasimir felt a sense of kinship with him for the first and only time in his life with anyone. Thus he could not murder him. Hasimir Fenring ended his days on Salusa Secundus.

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