House Atreides

House Atreides
Name: House Atreides
Organisation Type: Great House
Center of Operations: Caladan
Equipment and abilities: Lasguns, shields, various military tactics.
Function: Temporary fief owners of Arrakis,Rulers of planet Caladan, Great House under Imperial House Corrino.
Intentions: Continued profit and sustainment of themselves.

It is the Atreides way to be examples of honor for our children, so that they may be the same for their own progeny.
-Leto Atreides I

Organisational Information

One of the great houses, also known as houses major, in the Imperium, House Atreides hailed from the watery planet of Caladan, and were renowned for their unusual method and generally unheard of methods of conduct. The Atreides faced problems with nobility and kindness in mind. Using virtue, compassion and stalwartness, they created a society that was both economically and
House Atreides
Another version of the Atreides emblem.
spiritually sound. Caladan, in keeping with its people, became lush and plentiful under the Atreides rule. The symbol of the Atreides was the red hawk, their colours were green and black, and their emblem was a blue eagle, representing strenghth of mind but also prowess in battle, which they were anything but lacking. The Atreides devised theirown battle language, made up of a mixture of hand signals and speech, that could be used during battle to interpret orders, and was even used in private when a secret needed to be kept. The main export of Caladan was the mutated pundi rice, which was a superb source of income for the Atreides.

Family TreeHouse Atreides Family Tree

As the pharoahs of old Egypt claimed they were descendants of Ra, so the Atreides claimed that they were descendants of Agamemnon, the ancient Greek hero. This has been established as being true, but they were also descendants of a Cymek Titan, Andrew Skouros, who became known as Agamemnon, and was a human participant in Omnius' machine empire. Skouros founded House Atreides, and all that followed were his descendants.

The Tree

House Atreides Family Tree

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