Irulan Corrino

Irulan Corrino
Name: Irulan Corrino
AKA: Princess Irulan Corrino
Lifespan: Unknown
Homeworld: Kaitain

My mother obeyed her Sister Superiors where the Lady Jessica disobeyed. Which of them was the stronger? History already has answered.
-In My Father's House by the Princess Irulan

Biographical Information

The eldest daughter of the Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV and Anirul Corrino, Irulan Corrino was

Irulan Corrino
During her life, and especially later on, Irulan Corrino wrote at least twenty five historical records to which she has been attributed.

Irulan Corrino
As the daughter of the Emperor, Irulan possessed certain political powers which she could put to good use.

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