Kaldo Radij

Kaldo Radij
Name: Kaldo Radij
Homeworld: Arrakis
Affiliation: Dune Smugglers
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His mysterious identity leads many to speculate whether Kaldo Radij is a real individual or a code name for a secret cabal.

Biographical Information

Kaldo Radij was a mysterious member of the organisation known only as the Dune Smugglers. Whether or not he was a smuggler himself is unknown, as he managed to remain so secretive that he was constantly shrouded in mystery. Even the usage of his name was debated.

Out of-Universe Information

Kaldo Radij appears only in the Dune trading card game, on a trading card illustrated by Mark Zug, and is therefore considered to be unquestionably non-canon. He is one of many inprovised characters that the game developers created, presumably to create more cards for the game. Mark Zug himself wrote: "The game developers had to create characters who weren't necessarily part of Frank Herbert's cast..."

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