Leto Atreides I

Leto Atreides I
Name: Leto Atreides I
AKA: The Red Duke
Lifespan: 10,140 A.G. - 10,191 A.G.
Homeworld: Caladan
Affiliation: House Atreides

This article concerns the father of Paul Atreides. You may be looking for others bearing the same name.

"I must admit, against my better judgement; I like this duke."

Biographical Information

Leto Atreides I
Duke Leto Atreides I.
The son of Paulus and Helena Richese Atreides, Duke Leto Atreides I, also known as the Red Duke in some Imperial circles, was
the leader of House Atreides before and during its occupation of the planet Arrakis, and was considered to be among the wisest and most brilliant leaders the Atreides ever had.


After Paulus Atreides was killed in a bullfighting arena, Leto's mother (who had been responsible for the man's demise) was banished, and thus, Leto took the place of Duke of the Atreides. For the many years he was duke, he developed a reputation for his quick thinking, his benevolence and his superiority as a Duke. He once even chose to save human lives rather than carry away a large supply of valuable spice melange, something that another leader such as Vladimir Harkonnen would never even have considered. Leto eventually took the Bene Gesserit student Kailea as his concubine, and, though he had a child with her, Victor, they ultimately grew appart and Leto fell in love with Jessica. After moving the House Atreides to Arrakis, Duke Leto realized that he was caught in a trap brought about by not only the Baron Harkonnen, but also by the Emperor Shaddam himself. Leto was killed shortly afterwards in an attack upon the Atreides, made possible by the spy put in place by the Baron Harkonnen. The spy was in truth the Suk doctor, Wellington Yueh. He was, however, able to try to get in a "last ditch effort" to kill the Baron, when Yueh put a fake tooth into the Duke's mouth which, when bitten, would release a poisonous gas which would kill those in a very close proximity.

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