Other Recommended Spin-Off Encyclopedias

Other Recommended Spin-Off Encyclopedias is a section on the homepage containing links to a few non-Dune related encyclopedias on the internet. These sites are recommended by the creator Edgelover, and are perfect for fans of other sci-fi and fantsy genres. The following is a list of other, non-dune related encyclopedias on the net.

Tardis Index FileTardis Index File

A superb Doctor Who themed encyclopedia. Tardis Index File has information on the original series, the spin-off series such as Torchwood, and the books, comics and others. It also features in depth guides to each character, alien species, planet, monster and technological device concievable in the Whoniverse. With thousands of articles, it the best possible place to look for Doctor Who information.


A large compedium of information concerning the Star Wars universe, both the original films and the Expanded Universe, that ias just dripping with useful information. The site has tens of thousands of articles, and is the best place to look for information of the Star Wars caliber. You may be surprised at how deep and vast a history has been constructed for the univeres.

The One RingOne Wiki to Rule Them All

A wiki dedicatefd to JRR Tolkien's masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings, as well as its brothers, the Hobbit and the Sillmarillion, and the recent Peter Jackson films created from the books. It also, as you would expect, gives biographies for the characters in both book and film, as well as information on many lesser known aspects of Middle Earth and its surrounding realms.

WoW WikiWoW Wiki

For any fan of the massively multiplayer online role playing game, World of Warcraft, WoW Wiki is a must. It gives detailed information on characters you may meet in the game, as well as hundreds of decent articles on all the tools, equipment, places, species and events that also can be found or occur. WoW Wiki is a true resource, not only for fans, but for players in need of help or information.

Teletraan 1Teletraan 1

An archive of information on the Transformers Universe and toy line, Teletraan 1 (the name being taken from an Autobot computer archive), is an exceptionally brilliant site, that uses satirical article styles to create a wiki that is not only informative, but damn funny too. Teletraan 1 also gives information about recent releases and toys too, such as the film, ornew animated series.

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