The Frog,
A Probable Image of the Phibian.

Name: Phibian
Species Type: Semi-Sentient Aquatic Human/Fish (with probable frog characteristics) breed.
Genders: Male and Female
Inhabits: The "million planets" (assistants to the Honoured Matres).
Biological Traits: Aquatic but able to live on land indefinitely.
Planet of Origin: Unknown (created during The Scattering).
Average Lifespan: Unknown
Average Size: Slighty taller than the average man.

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'shines with oily iridescence'
-Description of a Phibian's skin.

Species Overview

Created through a complex process of genetics during the Scattering, the Phibians were a humanoid race of green skinned, aquatic creatures, supposedly created through a mixture of fish and human DNA, though they are described as frog like, and able to breath both above and below water. They were slightly taller than humans, and had lean and streamlined bodies, which came in handy when swimming, or diving for soostones. So adept were they at finding these precious stones, that the Honoured Matres used Phibians to amass a soostone wealth, as well as using them to oversee Bene Gesserit slaves.

Love of Spice

Though they were both vocally and mentally limited, the Phibians, for reasons unknown, possessed a love of the geriatric Spice Melange, and were intelligent enough to trade the precious pearl-like soostones, which they had a knack for finding as they could dive for them, for Spice that smugglers provided. When the Bene Gesserit took control of Buzzel, the planet upon which they had previously been enslaved, the Phibians stopped their Spice trade, after making a deal with Murbella.

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Species Overview

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