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See Dune In... is a section on the home page containing links to areas on sites where information on Dune may be seen. Here are those sites:

Dunepedia The Dune Encyclopedia - DunepediaWikiquote

Wikiquote is the largest compendium of quotations on the web. It has a large selection of quotes related to Dune, including quotes from all the books, from the film, and from the series.


Wiktionary is the online dictionary. It has definitions of nearly every conceivable word in the English language. Click on the Wiktionary link to see a definition of Dune.


The largest online encyclopedia ever created, probably even the largest collection of knowledge in human history, Wikipedia was the original information wiki, and it spawned hundreds of lesser wikis such as Dunepedia. See a few of the article Wikipedia has on Dune by following its link.


One of the sister projects of Wikipedia, Wikimedia is the largest online collection of free images and media ever created. See some of the Dune-related media that the site has by following its link.

Dunepedia The Dune Encyclopedia - DunepediaUncyclopedia

Though it contains no actual information or useful images and media, Uncyclopedia's satirical and hilairious article on Dune has great comedy value.

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