Spacing Guild

Spacing Guild
Name: Spacing Guild
Organisation Type: Monopoliser
Center of Operations: Unknown
Equipment and abilities: Control of Interstellar travel.
Function: Monopoliser of Interstellar Travel.
Intentions: The continued monopolising of interstellar travel and imperial banking.

"I represent the Spacing Guild's interest in this matter."

Organisational Overview

One of the original "Great Schools" that followed the Butlerian Jihad, the Spacing Guild were monopolists who controlled all aspects of space flight with the
Guildsmen in front of a Guild building.
exception of some ground to orbit vehicles. The Spacing Guild supposedly concentrated on "higher level mathematics" though this may be an apocryphal rumor as there has never been any demonstration of such skills by the Spacing Guild to the public at large. Instead the prescience of Guild Steersmen and their ability to greatly enhance the safety of interstellar travel are the Spacing Guild's most well known function. The Spacing Guild binds the Empiretogether by joining the "million worlds" in an interdependent economy that allows citizens of different worlds to offer their goods and services to all who can afford them. They are hardly parasitical in that they perform an essential service - ensuring the safe delivery of people and goods from one planet to another. The Guild prides itself on its businesslike acumen. Guild anonymity is a vital component of their service. Any person can travel on a Guild vessel with complete assurance that their privacy will be respected. Ships of hostile Houses may travel in complete safety aboard a Guild "Heighliner" in close proximity since a violation of Guild Shipping Rules can result in denial of services. Since the Spacing Guild is the only provider of safe interstellar travel this assurance is backed by the threat of total isolation for those who violate Spacing Guild rules. Spacing Guild Heighliners are "neutral territory" with an enforced peace.


The Spacing Guild is an impartial transporter. Persons may use their services for commerce, war or missions of mercy with the same assurance of safety and anonymity. Provided that fees are paid and that the parties respect Spacing Guild rules during transit they are free to use Spacing Guild Heighliners for raids, major wars, or many other hostile acts as well as many positive and wholesome commercial and altruistic functions. The Spacing Guild in addition to providing transport also furnishes colonization services for individuals and groups who wish to settle new worlds. They are capable of delivering colonies and supplies to many new worlds that they have discovered expanding their routes and creating new customers. The Spacing Guild has a very strong association with Melange. The Navigators, Steersmen and those undergoing the conversion to Navigator are totally dependent upon the Spice. The Fremen under the guidance of the Kynes familyused this dependency to "bribe" the Spacing Guild to keep the skies over Dune free of weather satellites, ensuring that their terraforming activities were kept secret from "outsiders" observation. The Spacing Guild also furnishes Interstellar banking services. By providing transportation to couriers they also furnish a limited form of communication between the worlds.

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