Thufir Hawat

Thufir Hawat
Name: Thufir Hawat
Lifespan: ???? - 10,193 A.G.
Homeworld: Caladan
Affiliation: House Atreides

It's easier to be terrified by an enemy you admire.
-Thufir Hawat

Biographical Information

A fully trained and computational mentat, Thufir Hawat, throughout his life, displayed great qualities of loyalty, intelligence and command, all traits of the mentat training. So devious was he, that even under forced servitude, he managed to gain influence.


A loyal and skilled mentat to House Atreides, Thufir Hawat, during the Atreides rule of Arrakis, was captured by
Thufir Hawat
Thufir before his enslavement to the treacherous Harkonnen's.
the invading Harkonnens, who had killed many of his comrades, and his Duke, who had in turn killed Piter De Vries, mentat to the Baron Harkonnen, as he died. Thufir was therefore placed into the forcefull employ of the Harkonnens, who needed a new mentat, and a self-perpetuating chemical poison, unbeknown to him, was put into his blood, to which the Harkonnens secretlyadministered an antidote each day, to prevent Thufir surviving if he should escape. In his new trappings, Thufir planned to kill Feyd-Rautha, the Harkonnen heir, and, working with the man he intended to kill, arranged for him to go up against a fully armed and capacitative soldier in the gladiatorial arena, rather than a frightened, drugged slave. Feyd hoped to win this fight, as it granted him great prestige among his peers, and he did so, to the excitement of all around. Still trapped under corrupt leadership, Thufir secretly plotted against his masters, turning the interests of Feyd-Rautha against his uncle the Baron's, and inciting him to kill his uncle, and gain control of House Harkonnen. This assassination attempt failed. Later, Hawat was faced with the order of killing Paul, but choose to end his own life, rather than betray his duke.

Out of-Universe Information

Thufir Hawat was portrayed by Freddie Jones in the Dune film, and by Jan Vlasak in the Dune miniseries.

Harkonnen Mentat (Enslaved)

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Thufir Hawat

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